Annual Report 2004

The 77 Bank, Ltd., was founded in 1878 as Japan's 77th national bank.Headquartered in Sendai—the capital of Miyagi Prefecture—the Bank is the largest in the Tohoku region, with its branch network covering this area in northern Honshu, Japan's largest island. Based on its philosophy, The 77 Bank continues to strengthen its business foundation and enhance its management quality in order to be the "best regional bank," one that grows along with its customers and is committed to the sustainable development of the region. As of March 31, 2004, The 77 Bank had capital of ¥24.7 billion, 142 domestic branches and 2,884 employees.


THE 77 BANK, LTD. Annual Report 2004 All 1,109K
Consolidated Financial Highlights 1 21K
Message from the President 2 59K
Toward a Firmer Business Position 4 126K
Growing with the Community 8 41K
77 Bank Group 9 43K
Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors 10 48K
Organization 10 48K
Financial Section 11 30K
Consolidated Five-Year Summary 11 30K
Consolidated Performance for Fiscal 2004 12 30K
Consolidated Balance Sheets 13 32K
Consolidated Statements of Income 14 30K
Consolidated Statements of Stockholders' Equity 15 29K
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows 16 34K
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements 17 92K
Independent Auditors' Report 28 58K
Consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio 29 30K
Non-Consolidated Five-Year Summary 30 29K
Non-Consolidated Balance Sheets 31 28K
Non-Consolidated Statements of Income 32 47K
Non-Consolidated Statements of Retained Earnings 32 47K
Loan Portfolio 33 31K
Securities Portfolio 34 33K
Off-Balance Sheet Transactions 35 28K
International Operations 35 28K
Non-Consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio 36 29K
Bank Data 37 28K