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Dec. 1878   The 77th National Bank in Japan was founded in Sendai.
Mar. 1898   The Bank's name was changed to The 77 Bank, Ltd. at the time of conversion into a private bank.
Jan. 1932   "New" The 77 Bank, Ltd. was established after merging with two regional banks in Sendai.
Oct. 1972   77 Bank was listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section.
Aug. 1973   77 Bank listed stock was transferred to 1st Section.
Sep. 1978   Total deposits were over 1,000 billion yen.
Oct. 1985   77 Bank opened London Representative Office. (closed in 1999)
Nov. 1990   77 Bank opened New York Branch. (closed in 1999)
Apr. 1998   77 Bank established 77 Business Support Foundation.
(To contribute to development of industry and economy in Miyagi Pref.)
Sep. 2000   Total assets were over 5,000 billion yen.
(Total deposits : 4,496 billion yen)
Dec. 2003   125 years have passed since 77 Bank was founded.
Jul. 2005   77 Bank opened shanghai Representative Office.
Apr. 2015   77 Bank started New Medium-term Management Plan.
Jan. 2016   MEJAR System started operation.
May. 2016   77Bank opened Singapore Representative Office.
Jun. 2017   77Bank transitioned to a "company with an audit & supervisory committee".